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Providing End-to-End Information Strategy Consulting

Strategic Roadmap

Identifying an organizations strategic vision and roadmap is integral to the success of leveraging information. Setting forth the organizational competencies and weaknesses allows us to plan for the growth of the organization to understand information and how to best use it.


Bringing the data together to successfully analyze in order to make fact-based decisions. Data that alerts and tells you when there is an aberration, rather than sifting through everyting. Dashboards that provide a picture of your organization. Analytical workflows that can walk people through different scenarios.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture is more than technically piecing together different data sources. To get the most out of disparate information it is important to be able to synthesize the available data and envision how it will be leveraged. Similar to a bulding architect that must understand how people will use the space and marry that with technical constraints such as plumbing, electrical, cost, and aesthetics.

Independent Verification & Validation

IV&V brings a neutral party to ensure best practices are applied whether from internal development teams or external vendors. Evaluating processes, security, architecture, and operational environment assists in identifying risks, gaps, and ensure quality deliverables.

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