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With extensive experience in all aspects of the MicroStrategy platform, we can get your company up and going within a matter of weeks. Each Principal Consultant as at least 10-years of experience with MicroStrategy. Our proprietary Architecture Toolkits decrease the time to implement the architecture while dramatically reducing risk.

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Our team is experts at building the foundation for a successful MicroStrategy implementation. Our proprietary Architecture toolkits map large tables in 70% less time while reducing risk. Experience at Architecting complex concepts, as well as creating SaaS for reporting.

Experts in providing best practice MicroStrategy Architecture


Project Architecture

Business Partners at Work

Our experience has allowed us to build a methodology of best practices. These best practices drive user adoption, lower total cost of maintenance and future development, and increase overall ROI. Using our BI Product Marketing, Custom Agile Development, and technical best practices we go beyond just delivering a technical product but deliver a world-class solution.

Leverage our experience to increase your success & ROI

Strategy & Best Practices

Strategy & Best Practices


Often dashboards are built for what an organization doesn't have rather than forecasting the needs. We build user-friendly dashboards that provide breadth and depth while ensuring ease-of-use, while focusing on designs that will bring users back. Increasing utilization increases ROI.

Building Dashboards for adoption


Dashboards & Design

Globalization concept

Analytics succeed when users have the data they need at their fingertips. We have deployed mobile applications of 10,000+ users. Design, scale, and multi-lingual capabilities drive the success of these efforts.

Analytics for the workforce


MicroStrategy Mobile

Server Installation

We are able to provide best practices for platform architecture. Providing recommendations on cache vs. Intelligent Cubes vs. database, clustering, user & data security, server configuration, and more. We ensure that your data is secure and scalable.

Scaling and Optimization

Platform Architecture

Platform Architecture

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We have end-to-end BI experience from ETL, data modeling, database performance optimization, to analytical applications. This knowledge is what allows us to deliver at a rapid pace, adapt to changing requirements, and provide a usable end-product.

Analytics isn't just about MicroStrategy

Platform Architecture

Full Stack

Project Audit

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