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Teamwork and Collaboration
Information and Strategy

The world’s ability to produce and disseminate torrents of real-time data at volumes and speeds greater and faster than before has outstripped the ability of businesses to harness and use it intelligently. And the ability to implement the know-how to aggregate, analyze, and monetize this data-surge has become a top-priority within corporations.



Global Services

At AllScient, we know that Business Intelligence is a key strategic business driver in today’s global marketplace. By assembling Business and Data Analytics staff who combine deep expertise in IT business processes, advanced analytic techniques and development of real-world applications, AllScient is perfectly positioned to provide our clients the ability to make critical business decisions using BI and Data Analytics.


Our seasoned team brings with them the ability to span an entire spectrum of services – from organizing to extracting and transforming data to mining and analyzing them, utilizing effective business intelligence, and creating effective strategies from the data. Our staff has long-secured a firm foothold in what promises to be one of the key differentiators to business success and corporate growth in today’s global business environment.

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BI Reporting

  • Executive Dashboards

  • Complex Analytics

  • KPI's

  • Predictive Analytics

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Information Strategy

  • KPI Identification & Efficacy

  • User Adoption

  • Exception Analytics

  • Analytical Decision Workflow

Data Warehousing Icon

Enterprise Data Warehousing

  • Data Architecture

  • ETL

  • Dimension Consolidation &


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  • Project & Risk Management

  • Project Deployment

  • ROI Analysis & Delivery

  • Indepdendent Verification & Validation (IV&V)



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